Book: Taekwondo Forms

Taekwondo Forms is a large reference book for forms in Taekwondo. It is not designed as an instructive book – if you’re looking to learn a new form it would be difficult to do so with this book. This book is designed as a reference book – if you already know a form, but want to check whether a block or a kick is to the middle or high section, then this book will always have the answer.

This book is ideal for anyone who wants to research forms in Taekwondo, or look at forms in the wider context of Taekwondo. It lists the movements of 71 forms from 4 different styles of Taekwondo, and they are described in a consistent way. If you want to compare Po-eun of Changheon-yu Taekwondo to Cheolgi of Tangsudo, or the Taegeuk forms to the Palgwae forms, then this is an ideal book to have.

The book also has extended descriptions of the meanings of each form.

Why did you write it?

There are many different styles of Taekwondo, and generally each style is defined by its own unique set of forms. For some styles, like Changheon-yu, these forms are very well documented – there are lots of books available on the Changheon-yu forms, written by both Choi himself and other authors. However, for other styles, this is not the case. The forms practised in Tangsudo are generally written about less, and there are very few books written about the six unique forms practised in Jukam-yu (the style of the Global Taekwondo Federation). Moreover, when all of these forms are written about, each author will describe them in a different way, making it difficult to compare them, see what the similarities and differences are, and potentially see whether the two forms are related.

Taekwondo Forms aims to be a record of a large number of forms from a lot of different styles.

What belt do I have to be to read it?

This book is unlikely to be useful to beginners, who learn only a few forms. It’s more useful for higher grades, but it’s mainly suitable for anyone who wants a broader view of forms in Taekwondo.

Is it for Changheon-yu (ITF) or Kukki-won (WTF / WT) students?

It is for both. This book contains descriptions of all of the forms in both Changheon-yu and Kukki-won Taekwondo.

Where can I buy it?

Taekwondo Forms is available on Amazon. If you’re in the U.K., follow this link:

And if you’re in the U.S., follow this link:

You may also be able to find copies on Barnes and Noble, as well as eBay.