Taekwondo Korean Commands

In Taekwondo classes, instructions are usually given in Korean. Below are some of the Korean words and phrases that you are likely to hear in a typical Taekwondo class, along with the hangeul, romanisation in the Revised System of Romanisation, and an approximate pronunciation.

English Korean Approximate Pronunciation
‘Attention!’, ‘Stand to attention!’ 차려 charyeo cha-ryoh
‘Bow.’ 경례 gyeongnye kyong-yeh
‘Bow to the instructor.’ 사범님께 경례 sabeomnimkke
sa-bom-neem-keh kyong-yeh
‘Prepare.’, ‘Get ready.’ 준비 junbi choon-bee
‘Begin.’, ‘Start.’, ‘Go.’ 시작 shijak shee-jak
‘Stop.’ 그만 geuman ku-man
‘As you were.’, ‘Return to the ready position.’ 바로 baro ba-ro
‘Continue.’ 계속 gyesok keh-sok
‘Dismiss.’ 해산 haesan hey-san
‘Turn to the rear.’, ‘Turn around.’ 뒤로 돌아 dwiro dora dwee-roh doh-ra

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