Taekwondo Theory for White Belt

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Korean Terminology

General Training

English Korean
training hall dojang
training clothes dobok
belt ti
instructor sabom
student jeja


English Korean
‘Stand to attention’ charyo
‘Bow’ kyongnye
‘Ready’ joonbi
‘Start’ shijak
‘Stop’ kuman
‘Return to the ready position’ baro
‘Dismissed’ haesan
‘Turn around’, ‘About turn’, ‘Turn to face the rear’ dwiro dora


For white belt in Taekwondo, you only need to learn how to count up to 10 in Korean.

If you’d like to hear how the Korean words listed below are pronounced, or if you’d like to learn numbers above 10, check out this video series: Counting in Korean.

English Korean
one hana
two dool
three set
four net
five dasot
six yosot
seven ilgop
eight yodol
nine ahop
ten yol


If you’d like to hear how the words below are pronounced, or you’d like to practise them, check out this video series: Basic Stances in Taekwondo.

English Korean
stance sogi
sitting stance annun sogi
walking stance konnun sogi
parallel stance narani sogi
attention stance charyot sogi

Anatomy and Striking Surfaces

English Korean
fist joomok
fore-fist ap-joomok
arm pal
forearm palmok
inner-forearm an-palmok
outer-forearm bakkat-palmok

Height Sections and Directions

English Korean
low section najunde
mid section ka-unde
high section nopunde
front ap
side yop
rear dwi, dwit
forwards, in front apuro
backwards, behind dwiro
forward motion apuro kagi
backward motion dwiro kagi
inner, inside an
outer, outside bakkat

Basic Techniques

English Korean
punch jirugi
obverse punch baro jirugi
reverse punch bandae jirugi
block makki
inner-forearm block an-palmok makki
outer-forearm block bakkat-palmok makki
middle-section inner-forearm block ka-unde an-palmok makki
low-section outer-forearm block najunde bakkat-palmok makki
kick chagi
front kick ap chagi
front snapping kick ap cha-boosoogi
front rising kick ap cha-olligi
side kick yop chagi
side rising kick yop cha-olligi


English Korean
‘Punching in Four Directions’ sajoo jirugi
‘Blocking in Four Directions’ sajoo makki

Use Memrise to learn Korean


If you find memorising vocabulary difficult (as many people do), there are a number of apps available online that make it easier - a good one is Memrise. Here is a course on Memrise that will take you through Korean terminology for Taekwondo: www.memrise.com/course/114713/korean-in-taekwondo/ (some of the spellings are different to what's on this page).

Buy a colour belt handbook

Changheon-yu Taekwondo: Foundation Syllabus

Changheon-yu Taekwondo: Foundation Syllabus is a short handbook for colour belt students in Changheon-yu Taekwondo (ITF Taekwondo). It contains movement descriptions, floor diagrams, and relevant Korean terminology for all of the colour belt patterns.

How is Korean text romanised on this page?

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