Korean Lessons

In this part of the website, I’ve made a few short pages that give an introduction to the Korean language.


  1. Hangeul 1: What is hangeul?
  2. Hangeul 2: Basic Vowels
  3. Hangeul 3: Basic Consonants
  4. Hangeul 4: Basic Syllables
  5. Hangeul 5: Syllables with a Final Consonant
  6. Hangeul 6: Y-Vowels
  7. Hangeul 7: W-Vowels

Want to learn more?

If you'd like to learn more about the Korean terminology used in Taekwondo, consider buying this book: Taekwondo Terminology. It contains an extensive dictionary of terms used in Taekwondo, as well as explanations on how to pronounce Korean words, and aspects of Korean grammar.