Taekwondo Theory for Blue Belt

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Korean Terminology


English Korean
rear-foot stance dwit-bal sogi
low stance natchwo sogi

Anatomy and Striking Surfaces

English Korean
side-fist yop-joomok
arc-hand bandal-son
side-sole yop balbadak


English Korean
‘x’ block kyocha makki
pressing block noollo makki
downward block naeryo makki
‘u’ block digutja makki
twin straight forearm block sang son palmok makki
turning punch dollyo jirugi
side thrusting kick yop cha-toolgi
pressing kick noollo chagi
reverse turning hooking kick bandae dollyo goro chagi

Use Memrise to learn Korean


If you find memorising vocabulary difficult (as many people do), there are a number of apps available online that make it easier - a good one is Memrise. Here is a course on Memrise that will take you through Korean terminology for Taekwondo: www.memrise.com/course/114713/korean-in-taekwondo/ (some of the spellings are different to what's on this page).

Buy a colour belt handbook

Changheon-yu Taekwondo: Foundation Syllabus

Changheon-yu Taekwondo: Foundation Syllabus is a short handbook for colour belt students in Changheon-yu Taekwondo (ITF Taekwondo). It contains movement descriptions, floor diagrams, and relevant Korean terminology for all of the colour belt patterns.

How is Korean text romanised on this page?

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