Is Taekwondo for adults?

Yes, Taekwondo is for adults. Taekwondo is very popular with young children and teenagers, but it is also suitable for – and was originally developed for – adults.

Taekwondo is very popular with young children and teenagers at the moment, and for a lot of Taekwondo organisations, under-18s can make up 50% or even the majority of their students. It’s popular with this age range because it’s an all-round fitness activity, improving cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, and strength. Its popularity with this age range can give the impression that Taekwondo is only for under-18s, but it is for everyone, and Taekwondo was originally developed to be practised by over-18s.

Most Taekwondo schools will have separate classes for adults and children, and the adults’ class may be at a different time or on a different day to the children’s class. However, teenagers normally join the adults’ class rather than the children’s class.

As an adult in Taekwondo, you will do far more challenging and intense activities than are done in children’s classes. While children in Taekwondo will focus almost exclusively on forms and line-work, as an adult, you will do full-contact sparring, board-breaking, and restraints (though don’t expect to do these activities in your first lesson).

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