What does Kyebaek mean?

Kyebaek was a military commander in the Kingdom of Baekje, who lived during the seventh century C.E..

Not much is known about Kyebaek’s life, but it’s known that he died at the Battle of Hwangsanbol. Kyebaek commanded 5,000 warriors from Baekje against 50,000 from the Kingdom of Silla and 144,000 from the Tang dynasty. The Baekje forces initially won four battles against the forces from Silla and the Tang dynasty, but were eventually overwhelmed. Kyebaek died in the battle, and the Kingdom of Baekje fell soon after.

As Neo-Confucianism became more influential in later Korean dynasties, Kyebaek was recognised by historians and scholars as exemplifying the Confucian ideals of patriotism and devotion to one’s king.

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